What is chip tuning

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What is chip tuning?

Increasing engine power, as well as improving the fuel system, its efficiency without any mechanical intervention is always in demand by motorists.

Chip-tuning of the engine is also very popular when buying new cars, when tuning companies together with the salons offer customers an increase in power and torque as an additional option.

Chip tuning the engine can not only cars, but also motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, yachts, agricultural machinery, special equipment.

Increase the engine power of your car

To make your car more maneuverable, fast, thereby to get more pleasure from driving and that it is not unimportant to reduce fuel consumption - all this will help you chip tuning.

Auto Chip Tuning is making changes to the setting of the engine control program by reprogramming the chips. Almost always done without removing the control unit itself only through the diagnostic port, thereby decreasing in terms of work performed. Sometimes in some models of auto data, changes can only be made by reprogramming with soldering chips and the ability to perform these works is only available to highly qualified specialists.

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