Warranty chip tuning

The warranty does not apply to mechanical components and parts, as we do not know about the previous and subsequent conditions of operation of the vehicle.

You can download the afert contract by clicking on the icon

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Frequently asked questions:

What are the requirements for the car?

Before chip tuning, you need to make sure that the car is fully operational, there should be no errors in the motor, the exhaust system should not be clogged, lambda probes are intact, the turbo supercharger is working correctly, the sensors are in good order ... Otherwise, we do not want to make a faulty car, . You will not get a full result.

What are the requirements for fuel used?

To use the full potential of your engine after chip tuning, you need to use an octane fuel not lower than the recommended factory, i.e. on gasoline engines, as a rule, AI95 or AI98.

How does fuel consumption change?

In most cases, the fuel consumption in the same driving style is somewhat reduced, or remains at the same level, first of all it depends on driving style and engine condition.

What increase in power should be expected?

For turbocharged engines, the average power gain is around 20-30%, on atmospheric engines up to 5-7% without damage to the engine. Of course, on some cars, you can achieve better results, but this is more an exception to the rule, or cars with modifications for intake, exhaust, replacement of a supercharger, intercooler, fuel pump, injectors